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Unsung Heroes of Compassion

This is a very exciting year for the Nepal Cleft & Burn Center! In addition to all the excitement over our grand opening in March, the Nepal Cleft & Burn Center will be one of only two organizations honored at this years prestigious “Unsung Heroes of Compassion” event in San Francisco on Sunday, Feb 23rd. The guest speaker at the event is none other than His Holiness the Dali Lama!

The event will be attended by people traveling from 22 countries around the world and has been sold out for months. What a wonderful opportunity for our grass roots, non-profit from Salt Lake City to get international exposure! I’m thrilled at the opportunity and am honored to be attending the event.    

The event will provide a free live webcast of the Unsung Heroes program, beginning at 12:50 Pacific Standard Time on Feb 23rd. Visitors may join us at  If you get a chance to participate I’m sure it will be an inspirational and memorable experience.  

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